Clark Capoeira

Hello everyone!

My name is Elias. I started practicing capoeira in 2011 with Grupo Capoeira Brasil, under Mestre Ébano. Having always been a lover of music and rhythm, I am very interested in the percussion aspect of capoeira.

In May 2016, driven by a personal need, I began to devise a way to notate the rhythms of the berimbau quickly and simply, using just a pen and paper.

The goal of the project is to provide the Só Ritmo notation system for free, to everyone. It’s a step-by-step learning method for beginners with no rhythmic background, as well as a precise notation system that allows more advanced practitioners to write down and share their variations.

Special thanks to Sébastien and Ébano for encouraging me to start this project. And thank you to everyone who actively participates in and shows interest in Só Ritmo, whether closely or from afar!